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School’s Out… but no holiday

School’s out for 400 Cambodian students – and that’s not a holiday


Getting an education in the remote communities of Cambodia is a good way to improve the future welfare of hard-pressed families. Unfortunately over 400 Cambodian primary and secondary students will lose school funding support at the end of 2014 and thus miss the opportunity to continue in school, many being put to work to help gain the day-to-day dollars necessary to feed the family.


Your support is urgently sought to assist BFD mission of bringing schooling to disadvantaged and minority groups in Cambodia’s far-flung provinces

Over the last decade Buddhism For Development has managed funds from European donors which have directly provided financial assistance to keep kids in school. About $250 sees a child through a year of schooling.



BFD is a highly experienced development agency within Cambodia and since 1990 has earned community trust and respect throughout Cambodia and internationally . Heng Monychenda, the founding Director of BFD, has been recognised with international awards for his work in peace building and development.


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