On August 13th, 2015, there was a training at Emerald Battambang Hotel, 12 participants participated. The training of trainers on Good Governance in Cooperative was conducted under the co-chairman of Director of Buddhism For Development (BFD) and DGRV Head of Program, Phnom Penh Office, Cambodia.

After the welcome notes and remarks from Mr. Heng Monychenda, BFD Director, and Mr. Hardy Schneider, DGRV head of Program, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Mr. Christian Albrecht, DGRV Vietnam which in the past he worked as a director of agricultural cooperative in ASEAN started the presentation on Good governance system. In that time Mr. Pheach Phalkun, BFD’s Cooperative Program officer also translated mutually from English into Khmer language to participants.
Mr. Christian Albrecht gave good knowledge and experiences that he have got from many countries in ASEAN and Germany to the participants about the function of BoD and BoA and executive manager in cooperatives. For technical training for example “Book-keeping” was provided again and again to cooperatives in Cambodia. Mr. Christian Albrecht said that “In other countries they did the same” but in Vietnam when they want to provide one training to cooperatives, first they invite all cooperatives to come to participate in central office. After that expert officer of organization went to follow up and coach each cooperative for one week and one by one.
In Germany, young people was provided the lesson about cooperative in public school for one hour a week. So those young people understand about cooperative and they want to get experience from cooperative by working as internship.
After the presentation was completed, Mr. Hardy Schneider and all participants discussed about something happened in cooperatives in each province and try to find good resolution for cooperative in the future so that all cooperative that BFD-DGRV supported to get succeed in their process.