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Access to Education

Strategic Aim 5: Improved access to education and strengthened social morality.

Strategic Aim 5 is focused on improving levels of education among children and assisting young people to develop their vocational skills, and their social and moral development. It also aims to support monks and donchees to participate in socially engaged Buddhism in communities, and to provide opportunities for young people to choose to stay and participate in their local communities.


The goals for this strategic aim include:

  • Improved access to appropriate education for children and young people (especially girls and young women)
  • Full access to vocational and life skills training for young people, especially rural communities
  • Better education and training resources available within communities
  • Positive social, cultural and moral behaviours exist among young people in local communities

Strategy 1:       Improved access to education for young people

  1. Provide scholarship funds and support to children and young people (especially girls) in order to increase their access to education.
  2. Strengthen collaboration with parents to allow children to stay in school
  3. Develop funding strategies to support scholarship funding, including tertiary.

Strategy 2:       Strengthen Vocational Training and Employment

  1. Promote appropriate education choices to young people, particularly vocational training opportunities corresponding to their capacities and aspirations.
  2. Build up relationship with the private sectors to promote apprenticeship support
  3. Strengthen collaboration with local authorities, educational institutions, non-government Organizations to develop/support alternative education options

Strategy 3:       Strengthen Community Education Resources

    1. Conduct fund raising for school construction in rural areas
    2. Establish school/Pagoda links to promote cultural/social interchange
    3. Facilitate teacher/community interaction to participate in community activities and projects

Strategy 4:       Improved moral and social climate in communities

    1. Develop and conduct life skills programs in regional and remote communities
    2. Provide services and support to allow students from remote areas to attend regional centres for secondary education (like household for isolated children).
    3. Develop support networks for young people leaving school

Success will be measured against:

  • Increase in activities related to socially engaged Buddhism
  • Improved education role between communities and pagodas
  • Increase in number of children receiving primary and secondary schooling
  • Children have improved social understanding and practice relating to moral behaviours
  • Improved capacity of school leavers to move to paid employment within their local communities