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Health Program

Strategic Aim 4: Improved Community Health


This Strategic Aim is designed to improve the health of communities particularly in the management of a) communicable and preventable diseases and b) maternal and infant health. It will focus on home-based care approaches and support community health networks to organize and deliver health care services.


The goals for this strategic aim include:


  • Improved community health especially management of communicable and preventable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Dengue, Cholera, water bone disease, etc.)
  • Strengthened health and safety of mothers and babies through providing information on maternal and child health care, such as vaccination, nutritional care.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people in other to reduce the risk of addiction of drug and sexual transmitted disease.



Strategic Direction 1: Training and support to communities on sanitation and general health.


    1. Provide community sanitation training and information on general health with strengthening health net work in community (Village Health Volunteer).
    2. Create school health programs to provide training or education on health/sanitation to school student through teachers.


Strategic Direction 2: Health education and support for youth in local rural communities


  1. Provide education on lifestyle particularly health information about behaviours such as drug using, and violence that impact individual health and community safety.
  2. Access to sporting facilities that make youth to be healthy and strong body.
  3. Drop-in counselling services on their lifestyle or life skill that is including to ABC strategy.


Strategic Direction 3: Birthing facilities and maternal / infant health support for communities


  1. Disseminate medical and health information for pregnancy support
  2. Provide information or education on birth spacing or family planning
  3. Provide information or education on accessing to midwifery services and avoiding problems at time of delivery at risk of delivery.
  4. Counselling for pregnant and lactating woman on their health care and baby.
  5. Pre and Post-natal care and support for pregnancy.


Strategic Direction 4: Home-Based and Community Care for families impacted by disease.


  1. Provide integrated health management to patients and their family to promote their life and reduce preventable illness or opportunistic disease such as water bone disease, and other epidemic disease.
  2. Facilitate access to medications and medical support.
  3. Facilitate counselling of patients and their family by Buddhist monks and nuns to motivate and give hope in coping with their life situation.
  4. Provide patients and their families social, physical and material support to maintain family relationships and protect vulnerable children from harm.



Success will be measured against:


  • Improved mortality rates for mothers and babies, especially from family planning
  • Reduced rates of infection from communicable diseases
  • Improved practices in sanitation and hygiene
  • Effective networks supporting home-based care for management of illness
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of health care at household levels