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Community Building

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Strategic Aim 3: Improved Community Development


This Strategic Aim focuses on increasing civil society and BFD target groups’ engagement in the development of their communities. It aims to promote respect for the law, human rights, morality, peace and justice. It will achieve this through an increased role of women, of monks and nuns, and building accessible means of conflict resolution in Cambodian communities.


The goals for this strategic aim include:

  • Strengthen Cambodian civil society and local institutions as democratic and law-abiding societies
  • Ensure Cambodian communities are respectful of all human rights
  • Support Cambodian communities to be cohesive and supportive of individuals and groups in the community

Strategic Direction 1: Build human rights management and access to justice in communities

Develop and implement BFD community models for access to justice / alternative dispute resolution

    1. Facilitate development of Human Rights networks at sub-national government level

Strategic Direction 2: Build civic engagement for youth in local rural communities

 Promote youth networks

  1. Assist Commune to develop youth policies
  2. Establish community based youth services
  3. Offer vocational training and life skills education and support

Strategic Direction 3: Strengthen linkages between communities and pagodas

Provide support / training for monks and nuns engaging in local communities

  1. Establish programs to engage monks and nuns in community activities
  2. Facilitate and promote communication roles for interaction of pagodas and communities.

Strategic Direction 4: Strengthen linkages between communities and Local Government

Promote engagement of community members as volunteers and agents of change in communities

  1. Ensure interactions of community and local government
  2. Facilitate forums/focus groups on gender, environment, local economy

Success will be measured against:

  • Increased number of communities supporting Village Development Volunteers and local Human Rights networks
  • Improved commitment among villagers in respecting human rights
  • Increased participation of villagers, and especially young people, in community meetings and processes
  • Better understanding among villagers of issues related to human rights, gender and environment