What does poverty REALLY mean?…

For the 80% of Cambodians who live in rural areas the following is probably true:
* Average  income of less than $2 a day
* Few jobs, industry, commercial or business activity
* Life expectancy under 70 years
* Difficult to get access to health care or credible hospital care
* Irregular food supply, poor nutrition
* Insufficient housing, and lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities
* Majority of children will not finish primary school
* Lack of school buildings, teachers, school books, and computers
* Lack of transportation, children walk 5 – 10 kilometres a day to get to school

$50 a month buys enough rice to feed a family of five for a month.
$25 a month will assist families to achieve  secure housing.
$50 a month will assist a family impacted by HIV to access better health care and to live in more dignified circumstances.
$25 a month allows a child to attend school.
$50 a month will provide families with safe and reliable water supply.
$25 a month can provide village children with bicycles to get to school.

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