BFD’s Cyber-rellie Family

Becoming a Cyber-rellie…

Become a Cyber-Grandmother! Have the connection and satisfaction from helping a real family. Cyber-Relatives can make a difference! BFD will introduce you to a community, and you can help directly…..  We will provide you with information, pictures, and you can meet your cyber-family!

Cyber-Grandparent ($50 a month)
Cyber-Parent ($25 a month)
Cyber-Sibling($10 a month)

Cyber-Rellie Terms & Conditions: –
As a member of the Cyber-Rellie Community you will make a regular monthly donation of $10 or more (as specified by you in your pledge) that is debited from either a credit card or bank account on the 1st day of each month or as soon as practicable thereafter. This donation will be debited each month until such time BFD receives written notification from you to either change or terminate your regular donation. This can be done via email or in writing.

BFD will accept and process this pledge on the 1st of each month until such time as you notify us in writing/email that you wish to cease the relationship. BFD will honour the request and offer a heartfelt thank you for your contribution.

As a member of the Cyber-Rellie Community you can expect the following from BFD: –

a) we will acknowledge your donation and welcome you to the Cyber-Rellie Community.
b) we will provide you with specific details of village and community where your funds are being applied.
c) where appropriate we will link you with your family and provide you details of their family structure and social circumstances. This will include photos and other information that we feel can be ethically provided.
d) we will provide a monthly report back to you about your Cyber-Rellie Community

Every year we will provide a financial accounting and receipt of your money.

Contact BFD for more information…… [email protected]