A group of 57 young students from Grade 11 of Hun Sen Mongkol Borey High school to year 3 students from university im BMC attended a three day workshop on youth and volunteer. the aim is to place them in various commune office and sub-national goverments for 6 months so that they can learn and help each other.

Training focused on role of youth in a democratic society in maintaining the factors of a stable democracy: pepple sovereignty, rule of law, majority rule, right of minority, division of power, and controling and monitoring. A game produced to demonstrate that solidarity and participation of each active citizenship is important.

the rest of the workshop is to understand the sub-national administration, one window service, ombudsman, district and provincial council, and planned development of the district and the province.

Another following workshop will be conducted in the two months

BFD thanks to Konrad Adenauer Stiftung who always pay attention to youth in the process of democratization in Cambodia. Volunteerism is a big social capital in the progress of democracy. We need more social capital and KAS always help us to produce.

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