Strategic Aim 2: Improved Local Governance.

The aim of the program is to improve local governance, particularly social accountability and to empower local communities to interact with local government. We will do this by strengthening formal and informal governance processes and engaging the public in local government decision-making activities. BFD will undertake capacity building, training, and community engagement to educate participants on roles and responsibilities and to develop mechanisms for dialogue to build trust and transparency in governance processes.


The goals for this strategic aim include:

  • Local communities are engaged fully in local governance
  • Social accountability exists and there is transparency in governances processes
  • Management and administrative capacity exists at a high level within local government
  • Local government is fully operational under Cambodia’s Organic Law

Strategic Direction 1: Community interaction with Local Government

Improve capacity of communities to participate in local government

  1. Information on governance processes
  2. Information on community access to local government
  3. Establish community policies (eg gender, youth, etc)
  4. Establish local voice for communities to monitor government

Strategic Direction 2: Roles for Youth and Politics

Strengthen engagement of youth in democratic and political processes

  1. Teach young people within political parties on democracy and political processes
  2. Promote civics training to secondary and tertiary students
  3. Promote civics training to rural youth

Strategic Direction 2: Capacity Building at Local Government

Improve management capacity of district/commune local authorities.

  1. Clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for local government officials
  2. knowledge understanding of legal basis and administrative institutions under Cambodian law
  3. Management and administrative capacity development in local authorities

Strategic Direction 4: Improving Local Government Frameworks

Support RGC policies of de-centralisation and de-concentration

  1. Assist local government in implementation of Cambodia’s Organic Law
  2. Promote knowledge and understanding of COL to local communities
  3. Develop COL training for local authorities

Success will be measured against:

  • Increased community understanding and participation in local governance and planning
  • Increased number of local communities and local governments having shared understanding of social accountability principles
  • Local government officers are more informed and responsive in their community role
  • Increase in number of women active in community actions
  • Increased knowledge, understanding and involvement of young people in democracy and politics