Socially Engaged Buddhism


To date BFD has laid the foundations for Buddhist monks and donchees to directly participate with the communities in which they are located. Training in health, particularly HIV/AIDS, training in family counselling and dispute resolution, social development and education skills, all contribute to the effectiveness of  their participation and active contribution to moral and social development of communities.
BFD utilizes the skills of the monks and donchees in all its programs to complement the work of lay staff. Projects in health, education, democracy and human rights, land and environment, forestry all benefit from the contribution by the monks.

Buddhist Radio – Cambodians helping Cambodians
Through its radio program “Buddhism and Khmer Society”,  BFD demonstrates a strong commitment to connect with and inform local communities. Through this simple and effective means, BFD reaches remote communities with messages that assist development at community level.

Radio is used a vehicle for Buddhists monks and nuns to assist their mission of socially engaged Buddhism, connecting Buddhism with day-to-day issues of social and moral development, human rights, gender and health as well as environmental conservation and protection, sustainability and natural resource management issues.

The programs are delivered daily through commercial radio. Program usually covers 6 content areas: Reading and describing a story from Buddha’s life; a story from the life of a past Buddhist disciple; responding to questions from mail sent to the program; acknowledging donations to local pagodas from devotees; mentoring on Buddhist principles.