An educated, democratic society, free from poverty and preventable illnesses, law abiding, and respectful of human rights;
a moral society with respect for Buddhism and Cambodian culture and traditions;
a society conscious of its environment and aware of the choices presented by development and globalization.


Buddhism for Development encourages, advises and provides services, support and training to Cambodians to participate in the sustainable socio-economic development of their own communities.


BFD aims to assist the Royal Government of Cambodia in achieving the growth and development of its people. BFD approaches development using Buddhist principles as a guide to development practice. Community participation in guiding and bringing development outcomes to the local level is a fundamental principle. Socially-engaged Buddhism, having Monks and Donchees active in their local communities providing welfare and social service, is also a primary goal.

Projects are designed to meet the needs of target groups, and using the Dharma as a guide, aim to achieve harmony between the individual, society and environment. The projects focus on economic, social, health, spiritual and intellectual development of target groups and aim to guide target groups, step by step towards self-reliance and empowerment.