Helping Families…

Families are central to the growth of communities and BFD works to reduce poverty and work towards having them thrive in a healthy and prosperous environment.

BFD assists families to increase incomes introducing livelihoods projects for food production.

We offer Home based Care and family support for many families including direct assistance to PLHA through income generation and micro credit support.

Social counselling of families and communities. Counselling to improve maintain social harmony, respect for family and neighbours.

Monks and Donchees participate in training programs in health and social welfare to allow for active roles in community and family programs.

Helping Villages…

BFD’s work with Villagers and Farmers is diverse. We look to improving the rural economic sector but at the same time focus on alleviation of poverty through improved livelihoods and income generation activity..

We work with major international groups to promote development of farmer organisations – these may be savings groups through to Farmer Cooperatives. The principle is to empower these groups to allow them to have more control of their own or group activities and a stronger position in the market.

On the broad scale we work with international partners to achieve development household livelihoods. Training and support of families with new farming technologies, earning more income from new crops, pigs, chickens, integrated approaches to farming, market support, micro credit facilities to develop small business.

We have been involved in Rice Banks for village food security, and digging Village water ponds for clean water supply.

Alongside economic development, BFD provides activities in support of the full spectrum of development: supporting families with health issues and building local health centres, providing children scholarship and building schools, developing dispute resolution networks, and assisting local government in their mamangement practice.