BFD management is characterized by the following principles:

  • BFD is governed by a Board of Trustees having international and national representation.
  • BFD values accountability and transparency as integral to quality management.
  • BFD has fully accountable and transparent management and financial practices.
  • BFD values its staff and is committed to retaining well qualified and experienced staff through staff training and incentive programs.
  • BFD management is shared between BFD central office and semi-autonomous branch offices
  • BFD central office provides strategic program development, marketing and financial accounting.
  • BFD branch management is responsible for implementation of project activities

BFD focuses on field-based staff achieving real outputs with low administrative cost ratio.

BFD Business Model

BFD is a multidisciplinary organization delivering services in 5 main sectors to BFD target communities. The demands of financing these operations require a diverse set of financial models. Three are of major importance.

  1. Partnership: Proposals to agencies, tender responses, joint ventures: done under contract agreements
  2. Commercial: Supporting farmers cooperatives in agriculture business activity in the market place
  3. Sponsorship: Public donations, endowments
  • BFD prefers to partner with clients to provide a service that results in sustainable community development. ie

Clients and Donors     >>>> work with BFD >>>  to assist Benificiaries

  • BFD conducts its business by working with clients and partners to develop and implement fully-costed activities that deliver outcomes consistent with BFD strategic aims.
  • BFD positions itself to deliver development outcomes
  • BFD is a service organization working with agencies and other donors as clients and partners, and aims to deliver benefits to the community.
  • BFD works directly with donors and partners to identify and implement project activities in support of mutually agreed goals
  • BFD seeks to broaden its programs and project scope by marketing the organization’s mission, unique capacity, skills and experience to a wide range of stakeholders.